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Areca Windows Vista 32/64 bit SCSIport and Storport drivers have been Certified by Microsoft


Taipei, Taiwan, April 23, 2007-- Areca Technology Corporation (Areca), a global leading provider of PCI-X, PCI-Express SATA ll RAID adapter, services and solutions for customers. Today announced that Areca 32/64-bit SCSIport and Storport drivers have been certified by Microsoft. This is the industry's first certification testing program for drivers designed for the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

Windows Vista is the new generation operating system which delivers powerful efficient compution environment. Microsoft explains that the “Certified for Windows Vista” logo is a compatibility designation for applications and devices that have passed a rigorous testing program on computers that are running Windows Vista. The technical requirements for this designation target four core areas: reliability, security, compatibility with Windows Vista and future operating systems, and installation and removal.

The Microsoft qualification indicates that Areca 32/64 bit SCSIport and Storport drivers have met the standards of Microsoft and that the driver have been designed to work with the Windows Vista. For device drivers and other kernel-mode software, drivers signed as part of the Windows Logo Program increase end-user confidence in the quality of the software and improve the user experience because a driver's Windows logo indicates that the driver was tested and that the digital signature that accompanies the Windows logo confirms has not been altered since testing. That certification benefits us use "Works with Windows Vista" or "Certified for Windows Vista" in marketing.

We are working diligently to make sure we achieve and maintain the level of driver quality and reliability that Areca's driver is known for. It's important to us that have an excellent experience through the Windows Vista. This will be attractive, forward-looking addition to user's business and computing enviorment and we will continue to support upcoming Windows Vista offical edition whenever it is ready.

For Areca Windows Vista 32/64 bit SCSIport and Storport drivers, please download from



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